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Blogs on ethical pregnancy

The 10 Best Vegan Pregnancy Vitamins in 2021

by Gudrun Getz M.A. / Jan 11, 2021

Discover the best vegan pregnancy vitamins available in the UK in 2021. Compare vegan-friendly prenatal multivitamin supplements and single nutrients at a quick glance. Plus download a FREE 6-page guide to where to find your vital pregnancy vitamins in vegan foods.

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Blogs on ethical birth

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Blogs on ethical baby-raising

Setting Boundaries with Family

by Gudrun Getz M.A. / Mar 14, 2021

Learn the ten crucial steps for setting boundaries with family and dealing with unwanted advice when you’re pregnant or have a new baby.

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Why Baby Sleep Training Is Harmful

by Gudrun Getz M.A. / Sep 11, 2020

The top 12 evidence-based reasons why sleep training your baby is harmful to them and to you. Includes a FREE 15-page mini guide on what you do instead to help ethically reach more optimal sleep.

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